United Kingdom students attempt to steal exam from office

  • United Kingdom students attempt to steal exam from office

United Kingdom students attempt to steal exam from office

The students decided that rather than study, they were going to tempt fate and climb through ceiling ducts to their professor's office to steal a copy of their statistics exam.

United Kingdom spokesperson Jay Blanton says two students-junior Henry Lynch II and sophomore Troy Kiputh-got up into the ceiling of a building, crawled through an open area, and then dropped into the professor's office to try and steal the test.

When he returned around 1:30 a.m., he found the door blocked.

Lynch, concerned that Mr. Cain would be able to identify him from his class, returned to the building and confessed, Mr. Blanton said.

Blanton says another student was waiting inside the building for the first student to open the door to the office.

Blanton says that's when two students ran out of the office.

"He told police that two things". One of the students admitted to stealing an exam earlier in the semester.

Henry Lynch II, a 21-year-old junior majoring in biosystems engineering, revealed he had been the one to climb through the building's air ducts to the ceiling above Cain's office - a plan hatched after an earlier attempt to steal the exam paper failed.

Both students were cited with third-degree burglary and will be forced to appear in the local circuit court.

WKYT reports that Lynch and Kiphuth will answer to the charges before a judge on June 26.

Blanton said the matter has also been referred to UK's Office of Student Conduct, which will now conduct a formal investigation and review.

No action had been taken against the students as of Thursday, though the university's Office of Student Conduct will investigate.