Latest Alien: Covenant Promo Looks at Daniels

  • Latest Alien: Covenant Promo Looks at Daniels

Latest Alien: Covenant Promo Looks at Daniels

Set ten years after the events depicted in Scott's 2012 hit Prometheus, ALIEN: COVENANT returns to the roots of the director's groundbreaking saga with a uniquely terrifying tale filled with white-knuckle adventure and monstrous new creatures. It makes an terrible sound. Realising his faux pas he said, "Sorry", before continuing: "So I had to put tissues in the air holes".

The clip begins with Covenant crew member Daniels (Katherine Waterston) questioning the AI program about the details of her journey, later inquiring about the contents of the craft's pantry ("Is there anything for breakfast other than oatmeal?" she asks, like an impatient child prodding a parent for junk food). "What else could you want?" "Paul Thomas Anderson kept sending me e-mails going 'the girl in the new Star Wars movie [Daisy Ridley] is running really well - don't screw this up, '" Waterston recalled, laughing. I feel like I look like a fraggle.

Alien: Covenant star Michael Fassbender has said sexual attraction is part of the reason that fans keep returning to director Ridley Scott's sci-fi franchise, nearly 40 years after the first groundbreaking movie. "I like making people laugh, but scaring people when it really works is fun", he said.

"People are still very curious about space and the possibilities of that final frontier and that image of the Xenemorph is just in people's psyche now", Fassbender said. The team discover what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a risky world. When they uncover a threat beyond their imagination, they must attempt a harrowing escape.