Microsoft's Surface Laptop is ridiculously expensive in the UK

Although users are yet to experience the actual battery performance of the all-new device, Microsoft has assured that its flagship laptop is specifically created to outlast any version of MacBook available in the market today.

Windows 10 S offers speed, with the operating system capable of booting in just 15 seconds.

In a separate blog post yesterday, Microsoft's Myerson said that the new Windows 10 S operating system was built to address issues raised by teachers and students about classroom computing.

Microsoft has also announced that it will allow Surface Laptop users to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro free of charge until the end of this year.

Microsoft is preventing users from switching to Google or other service providers.

Microsoft lunched a $999 computer called the Surface Laptop, yesterday at an education-focused event in NY. Users will be able to use other web browsers from the Windows Store for their specific browsing needs. We also got some leaks about this one and it seems that the tech giant wants to market their own premium laptop which runs the latest Windows 10 version.

Devices running Window 10 S, including the upcoming Surface Laptop, will only be able to run apps downloaded from the Windows Store, in exchange for a variety of great features.

All schools now running Windows 10 Pro can receive a free update to Windows 10 S.

The company said the Surface laptop integrated with Windows 10 S is priced at $999 onwards and will be available for pre-order starting Tuesday.

It will be interesting to see whether Windows users can play by the rules which Microsoft has set or will they be critical of it?

As the BBC's British news network reports, Microsoft's goal with the release of the new Surface is to compete vigorously with Apple's Macbook Air. This includes a full version of the Office suite.

Microsoft recently revealed their new version of Windows 10 known as the Windows 10 S. The new Windows basically is Microsoft's answer to Chrome OS. Every license of Minecraft for Education will be offered for free with the Windows 10 education PCs and will be primarily targeted towards schools.