UK's Labour pledges new Brexit strategy if it wins election

  • UK's Labour pledges new Brexit strategy if it wins election

UK's Labour pledges new Brexit strategy if it wins election

Theresa May has brought her election campagin to Bridgend in Wales, where Labour's Madeleine Moon had a majority of 1,927 over the Conservatives in the last general election.

Blair is not alone in arguing Brexit should be the defining issue for voters in June.

While Mr Corbyn's supporters hope his populist appeal as an outsider could lead to an unexpected shock win, similar to the Brexit vote and the US Presidential victory, he now lies very far behind Theresa May in opinion polls.

Starmer told the BBC Labour would give parliament a vote on the Brexit deal which, if it led to a rejection, could see United Kingdom negotiators sent back to try again.

She added: "Every vote I receive will help me secure the best deal to strengthen our economy".

"I fully support whoever the Labour Party decides to choose".

"This is all about the tone and the approach, and the tone and the approach the prime minister has taken is to say "out out out", Starmer said.

May told her party not to become complacent as opinion polls had been repeatedly wrong.

It comes as Labour sets out its Brexit strategy and the Tories continue to warn that Jeremy Corbyn's party is seeking to "disrupt" the negotiations.

Experts said Jeremy Corbyn's party was facing "a kicking" in Wales in the May 4 council elections and is "heading for disaster" in Scotland, where it could lose control of all the local authorities it holds, as the Scottish National Party and Conservatives reap the benefits.

"We need to leave options on the table, we need to get the right deal with the European Union and we have to recognise that with 44% of our trade with the European Union that is the number one consideration", he said.

Formal negotiations are expected to begin immediately following the British elections.

He also said no to a second referendum on Brexit and expects no final deal for possibly six years.

And on guaranteeing existing rights for all European Union nationals, he will say: "It is shameful that the Prime Minister rejected repeated attempts by Labour to resolve this before Article 50 was triggered".

In a statement on behalf of the three, former education secretary Ms Morgan said: 'As long-standing Conservative party members and MPs it is untenable for us to play any further role in an organisation such as Open Britain, which is advocating campaigning against Conservative MPs or candidates.

However, the shadow Brexit secretary was clear that under a labour government, free movement would become a thing of the past.

"Where Theresa May wants to shut down scrutiny and challenge, Labour will welcome it".

But beyond a few flagship policies she is most passionate about, Brexit will dominate.

On immigration, he said new limits and rules would have to be introduced, and suggested individual "communities" could be asked for their views about how many immigrants should be allowed into the UK.

"A Labour approach to Brexit will ensure there can be no rolling back of key rights and protections". "Instead they chose to abstain".

Labour Party Brexit spokesman Keir Starmer, makes a speech outlining Labour's approach to Brexit in central London, Tuesday April 25, 2017.

Starmer rejected claims the Tories have a "clear" approach to Brexit and said they only offered a "rigid approach, a reckless approach".

"A Labour approach to Brexit also means a new approach to how we treat European Union nationals in the UK".