Ivanka Trump's Line Relabelled by Retailer, Distributor

  • Ivanka Trump's Line Relabelled by Retailer, Distributor

Ivanka Trump's Line Relabelled by Retailer, Distributor

"The Ivanka Trump brand continues to grow and remains very strong", the brand said in a statement to BoF. G-III - which also licenses brand names like Calvin Klein, Ellen Tracy, Guess?, and Jessica Simpson - said the relabeling took place independently of Ivanka Trump's knowledge.

Following a nationwide boycott movement against Ivanka Trump's clothing, some leading stores, including Nordstrom, dropped the first daughter's fashion line.

We've written before about Ivanka Trump's sinking clothing line, as the American public votes with its wallet and turns away from things labeled Trump.

The odd part is Vittadini is not licensed by G-III - it's a different group called Authentic Brands Group.

A source within Stein Mart allegedly revealed that the retailer has obtained negative feedback from customers regarding the first daughter's line. One still has the classic "Ivanka Trump" label, while the other dons "Vittadini Studio".

In this August 23, 2012, file photo, shoes from the Ivanka Trump collection are displayed at a Lord & Taylor department store in NY.

Ivanka Trump's Line Relabelled by Retailer, Distributor

The October 2016 inspection of the G-III factory-carried out by an industry self-monitoring collective, the Fair Labor Association, which includes companies like Nike-found two-dozen violations of worldwide labor standards as determined by the United Nations' global Labor Organization.

"We can add billions to the global economy by creating an enabling environment, increasing women's labour force participation and business ownership, and improving the productivity of their work", Trump wrote in a Financial Times essay Monday. The items were relabeled without the knowledge of Ivanka Trump company executives, it said.

While the practice of label swapping is fully legal, the Ivanka Trump brand allegedly didn't know the switch had happened. The discount store, which has outlets across the country, was afraid that it would get the same blowback felt by major retailers like Nordstrom, if it put Ivanka Trump labelled merchandise out on the sales floor.

In January, Ivanka - Trump's second child - announced her formal leave of absence from the company, saying she would "no longer be involved with the management or operations".

Since the election of her father to the White House, sales for Ivanka Trump's clothing have rapidly increased.