N.Korea detains U.S. citizen; at least 3rd American being held

"He was prevented from getting on the flight out of Pyongyang..."

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Yonhap described Kim as a former professor at the Yanbian University of Science and Technology in Yanji, Jilin, China. It held its first classes in 2010. It is unique in North Korea for having a large number of foreign staff members.

Martina Aberg, deputy chief of mission at the Swedish Embassy in Pyongyang, confirmed to CNN that he was being held, though no reason was given for the detention. The embassy looks after consular affairs for the U.S.in North Korea because the two countries do not have diplomatic relations.

Adding to the tensions, North Korea detained a Korean-American man in his fifties on Saturday, bringing the total number of USA citizens held by Pyongyang to three.

Pyongyang's rhetoric intensifies every spring when the USA and South Korea hold joint exercises it sees as rehearsals for an attack on the North. Twenty-two-year-old student Otto Warmbier was arrested in January last year.

Kim Dong Chul, a naturalized USA citizen of Korean origin, was arrested on October 2015. He was arrested on November 3, 2012 and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for hostility against the country.

The man, a Korean-American in his fifties identified only by his surname Kim, had been in North Korea for a month to discuss relief activities, Yonhap said on Sunday.

Mr Kim's detention takes the number of U.S. citizens stuck in the secretive state to three. He said no one in the Trump administration has called them, and their main contact with the State Department was a low-level employee.

In a series of editorials the Rodong Sinmun newspaper - the official mouthpiece of the ruling Workers' Party - said the North's forces were undeterred and called the United States strike group's imminent arrival "undisguised military blackmail".

It's not clear where in the United States Kim is from. Mike Pence, U.S. Vice President, said on Saturday it would arrive "within days", but gave no further details.

The latest detention comes amid high tension on the peninsula, with the U.S. warning its "strategic patience" on the North's nuclear programme is over.

Washington also made it clear that it considered North Korea's "unlawful weapons programmes represent a clear, grave threat to USA national security".

On Monday, North Korea issued new threats against the US, which it accuses of plotting an invasion.

15 April: North Korea puts on a huge military parade - complete with missiles - to mark 105th birthday of the nation's founding president, Kim Il-sung.

Pyongyang has poured an enormous amount of resources into developing its nuclear and missile arsenals.

An official North Korean website warned today that Pyongyang will "wipe out" the United States if Washington starts a war on the peninsula, the latest tit- for-tat sabre-rattling that has sent tensions soaring in the region.

North Korea maintains that their nuclear program was created for self-defense.

A third American has been detained in North Korea, according to multiple reports. This is the statement was told at a news conference in Tel Aviv by Mattis before the latest threat to the US aircraft carrier.