President extends Easter good wishes; asks to remove hatred

People gather to observe the Good Friday with the Parishioners of Mary Help of Christian, Cathedral in Kohima. Our churches that were less than full for the Good Friday services will be filled to capacity for Easter Sunday services.

In Rome Pope Francis presided over the Stations of the Cross at the Colosseum on Good Friday, asking Jesus' forgiveness for the ways we may have fallen short, and imploring the grace to do better in the future, Catholic News Agency reported.

"This Easter, I call on all, whether Christian or Muslim, to emulate Christ and sacrifice something for your nation, for your families and for yourselves". "In the first century A.D., the testimony of women in a courtroom was not considered reliable", Pitre said, adding that for more believability, "you'd want the chief priest to find the (empty) tomb".

Protestants, too, celebrate Jesus' victory over death. Believers stay at churches to meet the day of the Resurrection. However, the Catholics and Orthodox Christians will celebrate the feast on the same day, April 16 this year as calculations of their divergent calendars lead to the same date.

The Easter bunny does not have anything to do with the Christina celebrations of Easter - bunnies are no where to be found in the Bible.

Everyone who becomes a Christian does so because they believe that when Jesus was crucified on the cross, he paid the ultimate price for human sin, and that his resurrection enables anyone who believes in him to overcome sin and temptation.

"Once again, Easter is upon us". Let this Easter be the beginning of a positive change in the nations of the world. Even we have some phrases that can be used for sending the Easter SMS on the WhatsApp for your friends to convey your wishes on the occasion.

"Did you know that one of the messages (of Easter Sunday) is hope, that when you go through all these hard moments in life, Christ has gone through crucifixion and when he rose again from the dead, the message is hope, that life does not end with suffering?" Let him catch the revelation of Jesus in his resurrection.

The highlights behind the Easter story include Jesus' execution, His burial and, most importantly, His rising from death.