Justice Dept. tells 9 sanctuary cities grant money at risk

  • Justice Dept. tells 9 sanctuary cities grant money at risk

Justice Dept. tells 9 sanctuary cities grant money at risk

"New York City continues to see gang murder after gang murder, the predictable outcome of the city's "soft on crime" stance". "I would say this about New York: New York has done some great things in criminal justice", the nation's top cop said during a press conference in San Diego on Friday. A letter was also sent to California state officials.

The letters were reportedly sent to "remind" officials that they agreed to prove they do not restrict their local officials from sending federal immigration officials any information about the immigration status of any individuals under their purview under the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant. Abele said he's prepared to show Milwaukee County is following the law.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has increasingly warned communities that the Trump administration will punish those that refuse to cooperate with efforts to detain immigrants who are in the United States illegally.

In a statement accompanying the letters, the Justice Department specifically called out what it called New York City's "soft on crime" stance as causing an increase in murders.

Violent crime has been falling in NY for more than 20 years and is continuing to decline, as police officials noted Friday.

Protesters rally against President Trump's executive order limiting travel from several Muslim-majority countries.

"Those policies, implemented by New York City's Mayor and his administration, are directly responsible for a unsafe MS-13 gang member walking out of Rikers Island in February", Prior said.

New Orleans' Zach Butterworth, the city's director of federal relations and executive counsel to the mayor, had a more tempered response.

The Trump administration escalated its confrontation with sanctuary cities that limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities, threatening them anew Friday with the loss of grant money if they do not remove certain barriers.

State corrections officials issued a brief statement saying the Board of State and Community Corrections is reviewing the letter, and that it “complies” with the federal law referenced in the Justice Department letter.

The statement was part of an ongoing dispute between Republican President Donald Trump and cities including NY over immigration policy. "The Department of Justice is absolutely committed to race neutral and fair application of the law in every circumstance". It was reviewing the Justice Department's letter.

The Justice Department doles out $2.2 billion annually in grant money to cities and counties to help fund law enforcement initiatives.

"While Pasadena is not a sanctuary city, the city does not believe others should be penalized", said William Boyer, a spokesman for the city.

Also in danger are $100 million to fight homelessness and maintain affordable housing, $178 million for infrastructure, and $861 million for the Chicago Public Schools, the Better Government Association says.

J. David Goodman and Liz Robbins in NY contributed reporting.