Trump's Former Adviser Page Stresses All Dealings With Russia Above Board

  • Trump's Former Adviser Page Stresses All Dealings With Russia Above Board

Trump's Former Adviser Page Stresses All Dealings With Russia Above Board

US officials tell CNN that previous year the Federal Bureau of Investigation used a dossier of allegations of Russian ties to Donald Trump's campaign as part of the justification to get approval to secretly monitor Trump associate Page.

Federal prosecutors say that Page met in 2013 with Victor Podobnyy, who turned out to be a Russian operative living in NY. In 2013, he met with a Russian spy who admitted that he tried to recruit Page to operate for Moscow.

Mr Page, an American oil industry consultant who acted as a foreign policy adviser from the Trump campaign, denied the claim and said he helped United States services.

Intelligence analysts and FBI investigators who analyzed various strands of intelligence from human sources to electronic and financial records have found signs of possible collusion between the campaign and Russian officials.

When asked by host Michael Smerconish to directly respond to the latest report, Page pointed out that us officials only confirmed to CNN that Russian Federation had "tried" to flip Trump campaign advisers - not that they had succeeded in doing it.

Page has denied collecting intelligence for Russian Federation.

The CNN host continued the line of questioning on Russian Federation and the election: "Unless you tell me, 'Hell yes!" Page eventually conceded that "if" there was "indisputable evidence" that Russians meddled in the election, he would be concerned.

"I care about the negative hands that were all over this thing", Page replied.

In December 2016, Trump attorney Don McGahn told Carter Page to "immediately cease" calling himself a Trump adviser, according to a letter obtained by Fox News.

"Nothing I was ever asked to do, no information I was ever asked for was anything beyond what you could see on CNN ..." he added after Smerconish repeated the question.

"Nothing I ever talked about with any Russian official extends beyond that publicly available immaterial information".

President Trump has gone on the defensive over the Russian Federation allegations, frequently lashing out against media outlets reporting on the matter.

The FBI, under Obama-appointed director James Comey, had to independently verify any material from the dossier that it used to obtain the FISA warrant - though it is unclear what portions of the document were used, sources told CNN.

Carter Page speaking in Moscow, July 7, 2016. None of his foreign policy ideas were adopted, and he never met Trump.