Apple Makes Its Apps Available For Free

  • Apple Makes Its Apps Available For Free

Apple Makes Its Apps Available For Free

Previously, the Mac versions of these apps cost $19.99 per app, and the iOS versions cost $9.99 per app. Now though, the applications are free to all iOS and mac users.

Why didn't Apple just make these apps free for everyone in the first place?

The apps are available for free starting now on the App Store. When it comes to these important apps, they can help you be more productive both in your professional life and personal life. However, this was limited exclusively to new devices and you had to purchase new hardware to avail yourself of this offer. Simply press the "Get" button and the apps will start downloading. Free copies were included with a new Mac or iOS device. This is something similar to 2013 news of apps free of charges for the new Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch owners. iWork, iMovie, and Garage band apps mostly deal with office, video editing, and music tools which have great demand today. They may soon update their page and so one don't have to worry about it. Following this news, Apple also removed these apps from the Top Free App Chart.

Now there's no more confusion surrounding the availability of Apple's basic apps. Looking at its rising development and technological advancement in the smartphone sector, Apple is all set to make a milestone in the coming years.

Those who will benefit from the app-based giveaways will be those still rocking machines purchased before August 2013. There are no restrictions and there is nothing you need to purchase now or in the future in order to enjoy full access to these apps. Apple has very recently updated iMovie, GarageBand, and the iWork suite including Keynote, Numbers, and Pages. The iWork suite includes Pages, the company's word processing application, as well as Keynote, its alternatives to PowerPoint, and Numbers, its Excel-like spreadsheet application.