3 arrested at Spencer speech in Auburn

  • 3 arrested at Spencer speech in Auburn

3 arrested at Spencer speech in Auburn

Auburn police spokesman Capt. Lorenza Dorsey told the Associated Press three people were arrested for disorderly conduct, though it remains unclear if they were protesters or attendees of Spencer's talk.

Auburn University itself was caught off guard by the controversial event.

White Nationalist Richard Spencer wins in court to speak at Auburn University.

Signs posted around Auburn's campus Tuesday cautioned students to stay inside in order to stay safe.

Spencer's infamy spiked after he hosted a widely covered "alt-right" conference in Washington D.C. last November, at which he gave a speech about the future of the movement that concluded with several of those in attendance giving Nazi salutes as Spencer yelled "hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!"

The Richard Spencer speech attracted hundreds of protestors and some supporters. Police broke up the fight and arrested two men, they said.

After the threats of violence, the administration of the school changed their minds and "banned" the white nationalist from speaking but Spencer's right for free speech still allowed him to do what he planned.

"I'm not talking to you", she said to the crowd.

The ruling was made by U.S. District Judge W. Keith Watkins just hours before Spencer's scheduled appearance on campus, which he had pledged to make despite the university's decision to revoke their permit of his event.

Mr. Spencer was infamously punched in the face during a televised interview in January.

The Alabama university had cancelled the scheduled appearance on Friday, citing safety concerns.

One Auburn student sought to counter the tension over Spencer's visit by holding an outdoor concert under the hashtag #AuburnUnites.

Spencer replied as follows: "Yes, Jesus was not European, but I will say that this belief system that you embrace is truly a product of centuries of European Christianity".

This afternoon, a federal judge ruled that Auburn must allow Spencer to speak in the Foy Auditorium tonight. For the sake of openness, I must admit that I am a proud alumnus of Auburn University and was one of the founders of its black-alumni association.