Obama's Post-White-House Honeymoon Is Almost Over

  • Obama's Post-White-House Honeymoon Is Almost Over

Obama's Post-White-House Honeymoon Is Almost Over

Barack Obama's post-presidential holiday is coming to an end, with the former U.S. leader set to hold his first public event since leaving the White House.

The Monday appearance comes just a few days before President Trump completes his first 100 days in office.

Obama will participate in a town hall-style discussion with young people on "community organizing and civic engagement" at the University of Chicago, near the site of his planned presidential library.

Among all respondents, 48% said Trump played more golf, while 28% said Obama did.

On Monday, President Obama's vacation ends. He'll be in Boston next month to accept the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award.

In a timely show of gratitude, New England Patriots player Jacoby Brissett felt compelled to share his appreciation for former President Barack Obama on social media on Wednesday, the same day the quarterback visited the White House.

Stop in Germany with Chancellor Angela Merkel.

But Obama, who also regularly blamed ex-President George W. Bush for many of his own problems, was not expected to tee off on the president. Trump has offered no evidence to back up the claim, and USA intelligence agencies and congressional investigators have said they have found none. "He's acutely aware that when [Trump] speaks, he sucks up all the oxygen, and that suppresses the next generation of leaders from rising". Minority-serving organizations in Chicago were also given tickets to the speech.

'Who are the next generation of leaders that he can support and nurture and help grow, ' she said of Obama's interests.

Additionally, criticism from Obama would be seen as offensive to Trump's core supporters, energizing them at a time when polls show the president is suffering from a low approval rating.

After moving into a nine-bedroom house in D.C.

The former president has also dipped his toe into global politics, phoning French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron on Thursday.