New UK Government Could Reverse Brexit, European Parliament President Says

  • New UK Government Could Reverse Brexit, European Parliament President Says

New UK Government Could Reverse Brexit, European Parliament President Says

But he stressed that the issue of reciprocal European Union citizen rights should be negotiated "immediately" with a view to getting an agreement by the end of the year.

"Despite the imponderables and ongoing uncertainty that surrounds Britain leaving the European Union, businesses will want to protect themselves now from any potentially damaging effects and we hope businesses will find our guide useful and informative".

During her interview with BBC Radio 4, May said, "Because Brexit isn't just about the letter that says we want to leave, it's about negotiating the deal, about getting the right deal from Europe".

"While it is still not clear how we will take forward the laws that the United Kingdom has adopted over the past 40 years, we do know that there will be opportunities coming out of these changes and we will be supporting our clients in understanding how these can be used to their advantage".

The European Parliament's Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt said the election was a chance for Britons to determine what kind of EU relationship they wanted.

Any deal secured by Mrs May under Article 50 of the EU treaties must be approved by MEPs in a vote at the end of the two-year process, giving the European Parliament an effective veto.

The two-year negotiations are expected to be very hard as the two sides try to undo the mass of legislation agreed since Britain joined then European Community in 1973.

"It is a good start, a good beginning; now we need to go for implementation".

Over two-fifths said they believe businesses will benefit from Brexit more than any other group of society, and a third of respondents think that scaling businesses stand to benefit more than any other part of the UK's private sector.

"It's too early for quantity of money, probably billions, we need to check at a technical level".

"Instead (she will) be open to the sort of arrangements with the European Union that hardliners in her Conservative Party have been condemning as a "soft Brexit", Merritt said in a commentary.

Highlighting the complexity of untangling EU-UK ties, the paper said goods placed on the market on either side of the EU-UK border before Brexit would continue to be covered by EU rules even if only sold afterwards, addressing uncertainties about guarantees and labelling.

Downing Street welcomed the meeting and confirmed that the citizen rights issue is an immediate priority.