Google Home will now supports multiple users

  • Google Home will now supports multiple users

Google Home will now supports multiple users

For example, if both you and your partner ask, "What's on my calendar", you should both receive your personalized answers once multiple accounts are linked and voices learned. "We have been working to create strategic alliances within the industry, like with Google, to provide enhanced experiences when it comes to lighting controls", said Orchowski, who is product development manager at Lutron. However, you can still click on the icon in the top right to see all of your connected devices if the card is not in the top right.

Once you see your Google Home listed, select "Link your account".

However, it's not clear what kind of content will - and won't - be available in multi-user mode.

You can also take to the voice recognition setup by moving to Devices Settings More and then Shared Devices. Aside from the privacy concerns, it's annoying to have to funnel everything through a single account, and multiple users is an excellent addition.

Anyway, it looks like Google Home is finally catching up as it has finally enabled multi-user access.

Google Home is an Internet-connected speaker that lets users search for information like the weather, traffic, and their daily schedule by using their voices. Just tap Continue to carry on, and Invite to add another user.

Does this news steer you closer to a Google Home purchase? We're adding the ability for up to six people to connect their account to one Google Home.

The new update should help users who aren't living alone and would like to share the Google Home device with others. For an assistant such as Siri, which lives on devices used by just one person, multi-account support isn't as important.

Still, if Amazon is going to hold onto its crown, it needs to counter Google's newest offering and fast. In other words, they can't tell if I'm giving it a command or you're giving it a command. Google Home may mis-identify a user's voice and accidentally reveal the surprise party you've been planning for months, or the romantic date with a close friend you've been hiding from your roommate.