Spanish are 'too poor' for Snapchat

Anger has boiled over among social media users over allegations by a former employee - which Snapchat strongly denies - that its CEO once dismissed India as a "poor" country that wasn't a priority for the app. "I don't want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain".

"This app is only for rich people", said Spiegel, according to Pompliano.

Spiegel's alleged comments about India, which Snap has called "ridiculous", came from a recently unredacted court complaint by Anthony Pompliano, who served as the company's growth lead for a few weeks in 2015 before being fired.

The dip put Snap on track to close at its lowest level in almost a month, a bad sign following its $3.4 billion public listing that was the hottest by a technology company in three years. "It's available worldwide to download for free", they said.

In spite of the denial, angry Snapchat users took to the internet. Twitter campaigns such as #UninstallSnapchat and #BoycottSnapchat have devalued the app's rating from five stars to one on the Apple store. Given Facebook has close to 1.8 billion users, a revamped camera app with augmented reality features will only boost usage for the social network, and could further endanger Snapchat's future.

Given the fact that "Snap Chat" and "Snap deal" share the common word "snap" in their titles, some of the Indian netizens who've made a decision to boycott photo-sharing app "Snap Chat" are uninstalling the e-commerce app out of confusion. According to The Economic Times, thousands of Indians are mistakenly deleting the app of e-commerce giant Snapdeal rather than Snapchat. He raised concerns with company executives that advertisers were being misled. Funnily enough, it looks as though Snapchat's user data will suffer a painful blow regardless of whether or not Pompliano's accusations are found to be true.