Nintendo Discontinues NES Classic Edition Globally

  • Nintendo Discontinues NES Classic Edition Globally

Nintendo Discontinues NES Classic Edition Globally

Though, if the report is true, you'll have to wait until the holidays.

Nintendo is planning to follow up its popular NES micro-console with a mini version of the SNES before the end of the year, says Eurogamer, citing sources familiar with the matter. Apparently, the NES mini wasn't meant to be a permanent item-instead, it was scheduled to be a novelty sell during Christmas previous year.

The original Super Nintendo Entertainment System reached North America in August 1991, launching in Europe a year later. The system is already under development, and could be ready for this holiday season. The NES console had pre-installed games, but the RetroFreak lets you play all of your old '80s and '90s gaming cartridges on the same platform.

Nintendo created a frenzy among vintage video game fans with the NES Classic.

Here's hoping Star Fox, Super Mario Kart, and Chrono Trigger make the list.

The NES remake was so in-demand past year that when Target Australia restocked and began selling it in mid-December, the enormous amount of hopeful buyers crashed the site. And those are just the first-party games. The miniature console was available for limited time and Nintendo has now discontinued. Will you purchase Super Nintendo Classic Mini? The company probably never expected the NES Mini to still be in such high demand this many months later, but it also couldn't explain the full reason or risk spoiling a surprise for E3. Nintendo sure does know how to pluck on that nostalgia chord pretty hard, and for the most part, people respond.

The NES Classic Mini cost £50 at retail - an incredibly cheap price considering how many games were bundled.

While few details outside of a possible release date window were given, the reported Mini SNES console should make gamers of all ages very excited.