Trump still quiet about how to deal with Kim Jong

"War can break out as a result of confrontation between two personalities; Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un".

Kiselyov told his viewers that the planet "is a hair's breadth away from a real nuclear war with all its catastrophic consequences".

Trump's decision to launch a missile strike against Syria, a Russian ally, drop a giant bomb on Afghanistan, and stick with Obama-era policies on Crimea, mean Russian hopes of him befriending the Kremlin have been on the slide for a while.

Newsmax reports, "In the latest sign of the Kremlin's abrupt about-face on its erstwhile American hero, Kiselyov pronounced Trump "more dangerous" than his North Korean counterpart".

"Limited worldwide experience, unpredictability, and a readiness to go to war", said Kiselyov of traits shared by both Trump and Kim Jong Un.

As China's oil supplies to North Korea have been periodically disrupted due to tensions between Beijing and Pyongyang, Moscow's importance as an investor in the DPRK's energy sector has increased markedly. "His position is close, but not every time", said Peskov.

"He (Kim Jong-Un) is after all on his home territory", said Kiselyov.

Speaking at the United Nations headquarters in New York, North Korea's Ambassador to the UN Kim In Ryong said the USA airstrike on Syria was meant as a message to North Korea.

Like much of Russia's state-controlled media, Kiselyov initially praised Trump in the weeks before and after his election. A new survey from the Kremlin-backed pollster VTsIOM finds that 39 percent of Russians have an unfavorable view of Trump, up from only 7 percent in March.

A woman passes a billboard showing a pictures of U.S. president-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Danilovgrad, Montenegro, November 2016. Do you remember when he told us that this agreement would be good for the USA and the entire world? Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to plea for help.

White House officials have threatened to take action against North Korea as US President Donald Trump claimed he was sending a "powerful armada" to the Korean Peninsula.

The network says the US relationship with China and the president's immigration policy will also be discussed.