NASA Will Study How Fires Work In Space By Torching A Spaceship

The United Launch Alliance liftoff was the swan song for George Diller, the well-known voice of countdowns at NASA's Kennedy Space Center.

NASA launched the Cygnus spacecraft Tuesday.

After the launch, Kennedy Space Center Director Bob Cabana asked Diller what he thought of his last launch.

Diller's voice led the countdown to many space shuttle launches, including the final Atlantis launch in 2011, and the Hubble Space Telescope launch.

"We're really, really going to miss hearing your golden voice", Cabana said.

The capsule also is carrying 38 shoebox-size satellites called cubesats, four of which will remain on board the spacecraft and be deployed after it departs the station in July.

Numerous experiments are led by students from more than 23 countries around the world, according to NASA. The actual spacecraft has been named the S.S. John Glenn, the late astronaut known for being the first American (and later, oldest) to orbit the Earth.

Orbital ATK asked Glenn's widow, Annie, for permission to use his name for the spacecraft, following his death.

Tuesday's launch marked the first time NASA, in coordination with the ULA and Orbital ATK, has broadcast a rocket launch with a 360-degree view, which should "virtually place the public at the base of the rocket during launch".

The United Launch Alliance or ULA will have a 30-minute window to lift off the rocket from the ground, and this high flexibility will facilitate the engineers and astronaut team some more time to troubleshoot any technological glitches that are expected to turn up during the countdown period or wait out any unexpected squally climatic situations.

This launch was supposed to happen in March, but a leak caused the flight to be grounded. ULA has resolved the issue, NASA said.

The Thermal Protection Material Flight Test and Reentry Data Collection (RED-Data2) investigation studies a new type of recording device that rides alongside a spacecraft as it reenters Earth's atmosphere, recording data about the extreme conditions it encounters.

It's about that time again: the astronauts on the International Space Station are all set to get a new shipment of cargo from Earth.

Orbital is a key component in Virginia's claim to be a portal to space, with a multi-billion dollar NASA contract and it's seventh supply mission today.

The launch occurred on time at 11:11 a.m.