Hillary Clinton has revealed her favourite meme and it's a feminist's dream

  • Hillary Clinton has revealed her favourite meme and it's a feminist's dream

Hillary Clinton has revealed her favourite meme and it's a feminist's dream

Clinton called Moscow's meddling an "act of aggression" - accusing President Vladimir Putin of seeking to "sow distrust and confusion, as well as influence, our election". But she says that she wants those women to be aware that they'll inevitably have to endure sexism and bullying, and advised developing a thick skin. "It was a more effective theft even than Watergate back in the day".

The former secretary of state did not mince words when she called for an independent investigation into Russia's involvement in the U.S. election process, according to The Telegraph.

Clinton said that if she were in power, she would have told the Russian they were "either with us or against us on this no-fly zone".

Hillary Clinton said Russia, Misogyny, Comey and WikiLeaks were responsible for her loss.

"It's a pretty simple, but unfortunate, phenomenon". "The more successful a man is, the more likeable he becomes". With a woman, guess what?

The State Department said on Monday it was ending U.S. funding for the United Nations Population Fund, the worldwide body's agency focused on family planning as well as maternal and child health in more than 150 countries. "There are things I could've done better".

"He is absolutely a prisoner of his family's expectations, his dead father's looming presence and his delusion, that I believe he now probably could pass a lie detector about, that everyone who oppose him is a terrorist", Clinton said of Assad, before adding, "That is how Putin thinks".

Clinton said she is writing a book. I am OK - as a person, I'm OK.

"I am establishing new vetting measures to keep radical Islamic terrorists out of the United States of America", Trump said in January after he signed his first attempt to ban refugees from certain countries. People thought I had done a good job, which I was very touched by.

For a candidate who throughout her public career has been criticized as rehearsed and stiff, Clinton appeared relaxed in front of a friendly audience of about 3,000, most of whom were women. Well, what happened? Oh my gosh, by the time they finished with me I was Typhoid Mary. Read the law. Understand how it worked.

"And what they tried to do to the healthcare bill".

Kristof had asked her about her future plans, even mentioning the possibility of running for mayor of NY. Plus, "he's not exactly fond of strong women".

Addressing Clinton directly, Bee said, "I'm only going to say this once - though you deserve to hear it 100 times - it should have been you".