BJP to bring positive change in Indian politics: Amit Shah

  • BJP to bring positive change in Indian politics: Amit Shah

BJP to bring positive change in Indian politics: Amit Shah

"Prime minister has personally participated in various events at 300 district headquarters, which explains his hard work in the past three years in laying the foundation for development of the country", Shah said in his closing address at the party's national executive meeting.

Calling Shah the BJP's "Chanakya", the 4th century BC economist, teacher, philosopher, jurist and adviser to emperor Chandragupta Maurya, Modi said he had put in huge effort to strengthen the party across the country.

The Prime Minister stressed that "there should be no conflict within the Muslim community over the issue".

The prime minister also tweeted about his itinerary on his official Twitter account.

He sought party workers and leaders not to be complacent after poll victories and rather set their eyes on taking "a long jump" in history and "march with speed" to "change history". "From the soil of Odisha, the party should pledge to build a New India, where good governance and power to the poor should be the mantra", he said.

The Prime Minister talked about social justice.

During his speech at the national executive meeting in Bhubaneswar, Shah said the real success of the BJP-and its "golden age"-will come only when it wins elections in West Bengal, Odisha and Kerala".

These and the tampering of EVMs were seasonal issues that "got manufactured" in the Opposition factories, said Modi.

On the concluding day of the two-day National Executive meet, the BJP political resolution indicated that it would focus on adding new socio-groups into its fold even as Prime Minister Narendra Modi tried to attract some in the Muslim community, especially women and the poor. This was informed by the Union Minister and senior BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad. "He is visiting Surat for the first time after the BJP's landslide victory in the Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand".

The Lok Sabha, where the government enjoys a majority, passed the constitutional amendment bill during the recent budget session but the Rajya Sabha, where the BJP is short of the needed number, stalled the bill and sent it to a parliamentary committee for review and recommendations.

The Prime Minister said he was always available if there was any complaint, sources said.

BJP president Amit Shah Saturday cautioned party leaders against complacency, saying it is yet to reach the peak as he rolled out plans for its expansion in states where it has been traditionally weak. "This trust and faith in the minds and hearts of the millions of common people has been proved again in the mandate and overwhelming support given to the party in the last many elections", the resolution said.