Majority no longer thinks Trump keeps his promises

  • Majority no longer thinks Trump keeps his promises

Majority no longer thinks Trump keeps his promises

According to Gallup, most Americans no longer believes Donald Trump keeps his promises.

According to Gallup, 62 percent of Americans felt Trump kept his promises in February. In February, almost two-thirds said they thought the president keeps his promises and now only 40 percent believe he does. The public is also less likely to see him as a "strong and decisive leader", as someone who "can bring about the changes this country needs" or as "honest and trustworthy".

Donald Trump knew that all he really needed to do to bring his historically low approval rating up was drop a few bombs and distract the American people from the multitude of missteps taken by his administration.

President Donald Trump's setbacks on campaign promises like repealing the Affordable Care Act and his shifting positions on other stances look like they're catching up with him - bigly. As a result, the president's approval rating remains stuck at about 42 percent, on average, a historically low mark for a president this early in his first term. Most, 52 percent, said he is a strong and decisive leader.

The latest McClatchy/Marist polls shows the president at a 39 percent approval rating, with 49 percent disapproving, and a new SurveyMonkey survey has his approval rating at 44 percent.

Not surprisingly, the poll also showed a massive drop in Trump's trustworthiness among Democrats and those who didn't support his presidency in the first place.

The only one of the six characteristics Gallup surveys where a majority of US adults (52 percent) still give Trump positive grades is on his "strong and decisive leadership, " but even that majority is slim, dropping seven percentage points from February. That compares with 62 percent from February 1-5 among a random sample of 1,019 adults, age 18 and older, living in all 50 USA states and the District of Columbia.

Of course, the numbers for that characteristic could still shift for Trump as his presidency continues.