Leaked! Full Specifications, Release Date & Images Of HTC U

  • Leaked! Full Specifications, Release Date & Images Of HTC U

Leaked! Full Specifications, Release Date & Images Of HTC U

The photos show a black slab of a phone that looks a bit like the HTC U Ultra, but that also doesn't appear to have any major distinguishing characteristics. There is no word on when the HTC U will be unveiled but we'll keep an eye out if more details emerge.

This is not the first time that pictures of HTC U are leaked on the internet, but these are the highest resolution ones. HTC is all set to release the HTC Ocean smartphone in the months to follow, and the phone has been spotted in yet another leaked image.

Announcing the HTC U Ultra for a whopping $749.99 was a bad decision on the company's part which is why it has introduced decent discounts for not just the 5.7-inch flagship, but also for last year's crown jewel, the HTC 10.

Loves tech, cars, motorbikes, travelling and cranberry juice. There is very little on the HTC U Ultra that makes the device stand out from its competition and makes it a hard sell when better options exist. The HTC U is also expected to come with Edge Sense, which will enable users to perform several activities just by tapping on the metallic frame of the smartphone. The fingerprint sensor is also seen on the front of the device, complete with its offset placement on the bottom bezel. It will come will a 5.5-inch QHD display, and it will run Android 7.1 Nougat underneath HTC Sense 9. The good news is that with a rumored mid to late April debut, it may not be long before we get an official look at the HTC U and its Edge Sense functionality.

What are your thoughts on the HTC U based on the image?

Visit HTC's website right now and you will see the company's high-end phones getting reduced to far more affordable prices than what they were originally being sold for.