IRS plans to using debt collection firms for unpaid taxes

  • IRS plans to using debt collection firms for unpaid taxes

IRS plans to using debt collection firms for unpaid taxes

If you file and pay late you are most likely going to have to pay a price. The deadline is Tuesday. This year the IRS is expecting 153 million people to file.

But while requesting a tax extension pushes back your filing deadline and gives you more time to get your paperwork in order, it doesn't exempt you from paying the IRS what you owe by the regular tax filing deadline. And if you're one of the millions of Americans juggling two jobs, don't forget you have to pay taxes on that income too. Best of all, if you earn less than $64,000 a year, the IRS let you file electronically for free. "Maybe tomorrow (April 18), we can look at the status of this investigation", he said. Some states offer automatic six-month extensions to file your state income tax return. Submitting a tax extension form is easy.

If you haven't filed your tax return, you are not alone. By filing a tax return, even without full payment, taxpayers will avoid the failure-to-file penalty. But be mindful; filing a tax extension does not extend time to pay.

A single worker earning an average wage in Belgium ends up paying a tax rate nearly eight times higher than the average single worker in Chile, the OECD found.

No pre-registration is required, and payments can be scheduled up to 30 days in advance.

Dulay inspected a number of BIR's regional offices in Manila Monday, the deadline for the filing of income tax returns. A penalty is issued first for filing late.

A year ago the Wisconsin Department of Revenue received more than 3 million tax returns, they say 85 percent of those were filed electronically. If you still need more time, then you must file an application for extension just as civilians must do.

The BIR is targeting tax collection of P1.83 trillion (US$36.6 billion) in 2017, with 60 percent of this coming from large corporate taxpayers. Contrary to what you may have heard, getting an extension won't increase your audit risk, nor will it cost you any money to file Form 4868.

Don't provide any information over email, and if you receive an email asking you to update your password, do not click on the link.

More online solutions are available through the IRS search tool, interactive tax assistant and the help and resources section.

IRS call center professionals take great care to make certain that they only discuss your personal information with you or someone you authorize to speak on your behalf. To be charged with tax evasion, you'll need to have willfully attempted to defraud the IRS. Your tax pro is swamped right now and will surely appreciate having more time to finish and review your return when things are less hectic and stressful.

The IRS says it has already processed 101 million tax returns but there are still about 40 million people who have not filed.