Suspect's status as failed asylum-seeker stuns Stockholm

  • Suspect's status as failed asylum-seeker stuns Stockholm

Suspect's status as failed asylum-seeker stuns Stockholm

The suspect was subsequently identified as a 39-year-old man from Uzbekistan and subsequently arrested.

The man suspected of carrying out the truck attack in Stockholm was an asylum seeker who was being sought by authorities for deportation, Swedish police say.

"We know that the suspect had expressed sympathy for extremist organizations, among them IS", Jonas Hysing, chief of national police operations, told a news conference, using an acronym for the ultra-hardline militant group.

The four victims killed in Friday's truck attack on shoppers in the Swedish capital included a British man, a Belgian woman and two Swedes, authorities in those countries said.

The upscale department store that was rammed Friday by the truck apologized for an announcement that it would reopen two days after the deadly attack to sell damaged goods at a "reduced price".

Currently, there are three men suspected of the involvement in the Friday attack under police arrest, of whom two were taken on Friday and the other on Sunday.

Swedish prosecutors on Sunday announced the arrest of a second person for a suspected connection to the case, but released no further information. Stockholm county spokesman Patrik Soderberg said four of the 10 were considered "seriously" injured and the remaining six, including the child, were slightly injured.

According to sources close to the investigation cited by various media, the suspect, bloodied from the crash and with shattered glass on his clothes, fled the scene and ran into the nearby T-centralen subway station, taking advantage of the panic to blend into the crowd.

"I want to show I'm not afraid to go out", Eva Udd, a 55-year-old nurse who had joined the demonstration with a friend, said.

A British father who was killed in the Stockholm terror attack has been described as a "talented, compassionate and caring" person.

On Sunday, several thousand people gathered at Stockholm's Sergel Square to remember the victims.

As of Sunday, 10 of the 15 people wounded in the truck attack remained hospitalized, including one child.

"They put Stockholm under lockdown quite quickly", Brun said in a phone interview.

"Sweden or Stockholm is very supportive and people are always welcoming and helpful", he told AFP.

Daniel Holl, a 31-year-old German researcher living in Sweden, said he joined the rally to make a stand for unity among nations hit by attacks in recent years.

Ygeman said there was broad support in Sweden for this kind of law.

Since 2010, when Taimour Abdulwahabal-Abdaly, a disaffected Iraqi Swede, blew himself up on a side street just yards from where Friday's attack took place, the threat level in Sweden has been 3 on a scale of 5, where 3 indicates the possibility of an attack and 5 represents the most serious threat.