#BoycottSnapchat Trends After CEO Says App is Only for the Rich

  • #BoycottSnapchat Trends After CEO Says App is Only for the Rich

#BoycottSnapchat Trends After CEO Says App is Only for the Rich

Chatting with our friends via pictures and uploading stories to show how awesome your day has been going.

Snapchat is facing criticism after a former employee of the social messaging company alleged that CEO Evan Spiegel once said India was "too poor" for the social network to expand its global base. It's available worldwide to download for free, ' as reported by Hindustan Times.

On the other hand, Snapchat's legal team described Pompliano as a "disgruntled employee fired for poor performance".

It was Anthony Pompliano, a former employee who was sacked by Snapchat.

However, Snapchat's attorneys rubbished his claims saying, "The simple fact is that he (Mr Pompliano) knows nothing about Snap's current metric". On Monday, Snap Inc. - the parent company of Snapchat - dropped its efforts to keep the un-redacted complaint under seal and released it in a public filing.

Soon after Variety published the alleged comment, the app's ratings on Google play store witnessed a sharp decline, a 4.4 to a 3.6 rating.

Lots of reactions are coming in after the news of Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel allegedly called India a poor country and that he is not keen on expanding its business in the country.

"Dear CEO of Snapchat.why don't you come to India and check out Indians' phones", wrote a user in review of Snapchat's app.

Apparently, some people didn't bother to hear beyond the "snap" in Snapchat and THIS happened.

"Stories" feature is an ephemeral chain of photo and video clips with filters and special effects. But due to many controversies, Snapchat was easily surpassed by Instagram.

Snapchat has more than four million users in India.

There is invariably no connection between Snapdeal and Snapchat, even though the names are slightly similar.