UK defense minister: Russia responsible by proxy for Syria chemical deaths

Members of Trump's administration have hinted that the not done intervening in Syria.

Britain has fully supported the United States for its response to the alleged use of chemical weapons in Idlib province of Syria that left almost 80 civilians dead. "Getting [Bashar al-Assad] out is not the only priority", she said in response to host Jake Tapper's question about whether regime change is official USA policy.

If the U.S. chooses the relatively low-priced option represented in limited military response such as Cruise missiles, then it can also take an global efficient step against Assad's regime through exerting pressure to implement the worldwide resolutions - establishing safe zones.

"We've seen what that looks like, when you undertake a violent regime change in Libya, and the situation in Libya continues to be very chaotic", he said.

The Russia-Iran joint command said on Sunday that the U.S. military presence in northern Syria, where Washington is aiding its Kurdish and Arab allies against the Islamic State group, was an "illegal occupation".

But the move makes the Foreign Secretary look like "some sort of mini-me" who can not be trusted to hold his own talks with Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov, Alex Salmond said.

Defeating the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group, pushing Iranian influence out of Syria, and the removal of Assad are priorities for the USA administration, Nikki Haley said in an interview to CNN, which will air in full on Sunday.

Once the threat from ISIL has been reduced or eliminated, "I think we can turn our attention directly to stabilising the situation in Syria", Tillerson said in excerpts from an interview on CBS's Face the Nation.

"Wouldn't it be nice if we got together with Russian Federation and knocked the hell out of ISIS?" he frequently asked his audience on the campaign trail.

The previous day US President Donald Trump said pictures of the Khan Sheikhun victims in agony, had "an enormous impact" on him.

She told the news channel that removing Assad was not the US' only focus and "there's multiple priorities".

Tillerson's comments came just a few days after the United States fired dozens of cruise missiles at the Syrian airbase that was allegedly used in the chemical attack. They said the USA actions against a sovereign state violatied global law and called for an objective, unbiased investigation of all the circumstances of the chemical weapons incident, the statement said. The Syrian government has denied using chemical weapons.

Air strikes have struck Syria's town of Urum al-Joz in rebel-controlled Idlib province on Saturday, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the Civil Defence rescue service.

Hundreds more suffered symptoms that the World Health Organization said were in some cases consistent with exposure to chemicals that include nerve gas.

Trump sent a letter Sunday to Congress that explained why he acted, the details of the attack, asserted his constitutional authority to act and affirmed his efforts to "keep Congress informed".

The U.S. still hopes to shepherd a "political process that we believe the Syrian people will lawfully be able to decide the fate of Assad", Tillerson said Sunday in reference to Syria's president on ABC's "This Week With George Stephanopoulos", one of two appearances on political talk shows.

Russian Federation "agreed to be the guarantor of the elimination of the chemical weapons and why Russian Federation has not been able to achieve that is unclear to me", Tillerson added.

Assad's principal backer, Russia, has said the chemical release in Khan Sheikhun was the result of Syrian jets bombing a rebel weapons store.

State television quoted Iranian President Hassan Rouhani as saying the committee should be impartial and "must not be headed by Americans". "The US chemical deal with Assad did not only fail to prevent Assad from using chemical attacks again", said Samer Orabi, a Syrian humanitarian worker in the north of the country.