NCAA Division I Council clears hurdle for an early signing period

  • NCAA Division I Council clears hurdle for an early signing period

NCAA Division I Council clears hurdle for an early signing period

FBS schools are now generally limited to signing 25 players per recruiting class.

The biggest challenge, however, would come through the coaching changes. Football Scoop's Zach Barnett thinks this added assistant will be used primarily for recruiting purposes, especially during the season when coaching staffs also must concentrate on game-planning.

Football Bowl Subdivision members voted 14-1 for the proposal. A year later, MI signed Paramus Catholic defensive tackle Rashan Gary, the No. 1 recruit in the country.

Hiring restrictions: An FBS school will not be allowed to hire a coach or individual associated with prospective student-athlete to an off-field or strength/conditioning position for a two year period before a prospect enrolls and a two-year period after.

Because of Stanford's academic standards, which are much tougher than NCAA minimum requirements, it runs into many more difficulties getting recruits admitted than the average football factory. A few months ago, the NCAA Division I Committee for Legislative Relief issued a blanket waiver to allow the football preseason to start up to a week earlier.

The early signing period must be approved by the Collegiate Commissioners Association, which administers the National Letter of Intent program. Taking an unofficial visit to Nebraska on a players' own dime can be tough, for example, so by the time the Huskers get a prospect on campus, it can be way behind in the recruitment. A similar provision was added in men's basketball in 2010, though teams have found ways to work around it.

Davidson coach Fred Riley, who spent nine years in the college ranks during the 1980s, noted that an early signing date falls in line with the increasing popularity of early enrollment.

Another rule change for head coaches is that they will be allowed to add a 10th assistant coach to their staff starting on January 9, 2018.

"This is a significant move forward for football recruiting", Phillips said.

"The entire package of rule changes is friendly for students, their families and their coaches, " Bowlsby said in a statement announcing the changes.

On Friday, the NCAA Division 1 Council passed a number of rule changes that will alter the recruiting process. As reported by, that amendment was proposed by the Mid-American Conference. This of course is the day after the College Football Playoff national championship. An IAWP is permitted to take a job at the same college only as a full-time, on-field coach.

The NCAA Division I Council met earlier Friday to pass a series of proposals to overhaul the recruiting process for the foreseeable future.

The Council also considered other legislation during its two-day meeting. The IAWP rules are created to prevent schools from hiring anyone associated with a prospect for noncoaching positions.

The legislation, which goes into effect August 1, allows prospects to take visits paid for by the university from April 1 through late June of their junior year. - Allowing attendance at nonscholastic events during two weekends per year.