B.C. party leaders take election campaign to annual Sikh celebration

  • B.C. party leaders take election campaign to annual Sikh celebration

B.C. party leaders take election campaign to annual Sikh celebration

He said the proposed rental subsidy would apply across the province and be available to all tenants, regardless of income.

Premier Christy Clark increased the grant's eligibility threshold from $1.2 million at the start of this year after a dramatic increase in the assessed value of homes, which would be taxed at higher rates.

Anyone who owns a home in B.C. but doesn't pay income tax in Canada will have to pay the new tax, which it estimates will raise $100 million in this fiscal year.

"If homeowners can have homeowners grant, renters should be able to have a grant as well".

"John Horgan was part of the same gang that cooked the books before the 1996 provincial election", said de Jong.

"If they're not telling us the truth, I can't be held to their numbers", Horgan said when asked whether an NDP government would promise not to introduce any additional taxes other than those in the platform.

Krog said the Liberals tax credits will not help seniors or those who are low-income earners, adding that it will only benefit those who are higher-income earners.

"We're going to eliminate them".

Horgan says a New Democrat government would revamp the Residential Tenancy Act to make it more accessible, and also address the problem of "renovictions", where landlords use renovations as an excuse to evict tenants and sidestep restrictions around rent increases. Clark attacked the NDP on what she called their lack of financial planning.

"If there is not enough rental housing in the province, it's partly because we still need cities to get to work and zone more rental housing".

The NDP would begin increasing carbon tax on fuels starting in 2019, two years before Premier Christy Clark has said she would resume increases to keep pace with the federal government mandate for nation-wide carbon pricing.

Clark made the comments after touring the clean energy technology company General Fusion.

The New Democrats claim the fund was created first with revenues from a medical service plan hike in 2016 and then topped up with revenues from the property transfer tax.

In announcing the changes, BC Liberal Leader Christy Clark said they were created to make the Vancouver region more attractive to tech-sector professionals.

She said freezing all ferry fares is a short-sighted idea that will ultimately cost taxpayers.