April the Giraffe finally gives birth as more than 1 million watch

The 15-year-old long-legged star, named April, is expected to give birth any time now in her enclosed pen at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, rural upstate village 130 miles northwest of New York City. This is April's fourth calf and the Animal Adventure Park isn't ruling out the possibility of letting her deliver once more.

A zoo official said it was a "perfect deliverly" and that the newborn calf was doing well.

Millions have watched since the the animal park first began to live stream the pregnant ungulate on February 10. Animal Adventure Park assures its followers that the giraffe's pregnancy is real. They walk long distances in areas of Africa where giraffe live to arrest illegal hunters and collect harmful wire traps set for wildlife in the trees and bushes.

After a few hours of labor, the new calf fell hoof-and-head first into the world just before 10 a.m. About 45 minutes after it was born, the calf stood on its wobbly legs for the first time while mom helped keep her baby steady.

Petting zoo owner Jordan Patch took to Facebook to congratulate the mum and thank all of the people who supported the giraffe. You can watch the live stream here.

We learned that April is 15 years old.

A pregnant giraffe has its own website, a GoFundMe page, an apparel line and millions of people worldwide watching live-streaming video waiting for it to give birth. Some people even thought that the whole thing was a clever April Fools' Day joke.

Since the stream started in February, upwards of 30 million viewers have been checking in for updates on her pregnancy. All the money will be used to feed, house and care for the giraffes.

And the park plans to hold a baby-naming contest shortly after birth, according to Hollywood Life. Keepers described April as "out of it", Thursday, noting "distracted behavior versus her normal inquisitive, treat-begging self". "And once it gets big you're not going to see the whole baby because you're dealing with something that's 6 feet tall all balled up in there, so it can be harder to guess the age of the baby just with an ultrasound". The live video feed shows two hooves emerging from April as she paces around her enclosure.