Physician assistants urge Justice to reverse veto

  • Physician assistants urge Justice to reverse veto

Physician assistants urge Justice to reverse veto

West Virginia's Democratic governor on Thursday vetoed the state budget approved last weekend by the Republican-controlled Legislature, criticizing the cuts and the lawmakers who made them. At a press conference in Charleston, West Virginia, the governor expressed his dissatisfaction with the proposed budget bill brought forth by state legislators.

"We don't have a nothing burger today".

He then uncovered the third tray to reveal a pile of papers covered in what Justice called "bull you-know-what" and promptly pulled out a pen to veto the bill.

"And for that reason, I'm signing my veto on budget bill".

According to the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy's most recent budget brief, Justice would close the state's budget gap by raising $450 million in new revenue, largely from increased sales and business taxes.

Justice said Thursday that Republican lawmakers have been asking about his expected veto, which would let them avoid blame for any tax increases. He went on, "I can't be any more blunt than to tell you this the way I see it". 2018 would have taken $90 million out of the rainy day fund to replace Medicare cuts without raising taxes. The new fiscal year starts July 1.

The $4.102 billion budget passed the Senate 22-12 on April 8. "The Legislature delivered a responsible budget that controls spending and makes our state live within its means - a budget that received the support of an overwhelming majority of members in the Legislature".

Tim Armstead, West Virginia's Republican House speaker, slammed Justice's publicity stunt as a low-rent display. We remain committed to working with both the House of Delegates and the governor to control spending.