Android Pay can now be used from within some banking apps

Like an astute player of the Risk board game, Android Pay's global expansion plans continue apace as it is working with several banks to let their customers add cards to its service from a mobile banking app. After each successful transaction, whether in the physical or digital stores, it will send you a notification so you're aware where your money goes. If your bank app doesn't yet support Android Pay, you can always download Google's official app via Play Store.

In order to curtail the popularity of Apple Pay and other mobile payment technologies, Google's Android Pay has now joined hands with a few banks from around the world, who will incorporate this service into their apps.

The integration may vary depending on each bank's mobile app, but overall it aims to facilitate adding cards to Android Pay from the banking app itself.

Increasing the adaption of Android Pay is the prime target of Google as it tries to relinquish the contact less Apple Pay. For the first time, Android Pay is said to be incorporated within major mobile bank applications.

The really cool news here is that Google is making a lot of progress with Android Pay. However, this feature will be limited to managing the cards associated with that particular bank - you can't delete a Chase card from the Bank of America app, for example. However, this app will restrict you to managing the card of a particular bank only.

Google believes that this change, allowing mobile banking apps to have the features and functionality of Google's mobile payment, will give more people a chance to try out Android Pay.

While Google's mobile paying service is primary used to make contactless payments, it can also be used to pay online or on websites that support the service.