Microsoft launches Windows 10 beta program for business users

Windows 10 got off to a rocky start with some systems administrators who weren't thrilled by Microsoft's policy of only providing cumulative updates to the operating system rather than letting administrators pick and choose which patches to apply. This update also supports the use of the company's Cortana voice assistant with Raspberry Pi 3, thus allowing users to make wonderful devices that can accept voice commands. In cases like this, it's often best to get rid of your existing tabs so that all of the tabs you're looking at involve the topic you're now interested in (i.e., if you're looking up recipes, you may not want to have all those news or sports tabs open from earlier). Be warned, you may feel a little bit dirty making use of Microsoft's generosity as you look to save a few quid. This should be very useful for Windows 10 user who also has a Hololens Augmented Reality headset or people who are planning to get one of those mixed reality headsets that Microsoft is now working on.

It doesn't outline the difference between the reset tool added in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and what's been rolled into Windows Defender.

Microsoft recently released a major update to Windows 10.

The Windows 10 Creators Update is now available for download and Microsoft has provided great features and improvements to it.

As we've come to understand, Microsoft's Windows 10 Creators Update is focused on 3D, security, and integration. Meaning while you've had a quiet seven days, at the end, there is a barrage waiting. During a manual update, the privacy settings experience will be shown to you as part of your first-run experience on the Creators Update. Follow these easy steps to get the update on your system.

If you qualify for Windows 10, all you have to do is head to the Windows 10 free upgrade for assistive technologies page, click "Upgrade Now" and launch the EXE file that downloads to your PC. This will give IT admins the ability and tools to isolate infected machines, investigate and collect forensics, and even kill and clean running processes, all with a single click of a button in the Windows Security Center.