Windows 10 Creators Update ultimate guide

  • Windows 10 Creators Update ultimate guide

Windows 10 Creators Update ultimate guide

The new version of Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system - the Creators Update - has gone live to PC users in the United Kingdom and around the world.

You can try out the latest version of Windows 10 IoT Core by downloading the Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard to a Windows PC, and following these instructions to update your board.

You will very soon be able to use Microsoft's Cortana voice assistant with the Raspberry Pi 3 and make cool devices that can accept voice commands. This will help the user connect to Wi-Fi networks and also to sign in to a Microsoft account, for instance. Due to the availability of Win32 apps, it is expected that Android and iOS users may also look to shift to this kind of a phone.

Cortana will introduce with the setup process and ask you to start. And once you successfully upgrade to 1703, please let our readers know what process you followed. The Windows 10-powered device could come with a radical design and some pretty unique features. Technically you can, but you cannot proceed further unless you say "yes" and accept the license agreement.

As the Cortana's support for Raspberry Pi sounds interesting, users also need to consider the limitations of the device. If you are connected already, then it will skip it. Do you find Microsoft's proprietary virtual assistant useful?

We're mere days away from the official release of the Windows 10 Creators Update, but that doesn't mean Windows Insiders are left out in the cold. If you want, you will be prompted a PIN to setup.

Before actually upgrading your system to Creators Update, you should consider backing up your personal data.

OneDrive smart files, er, placeholders, which have been AWOL for years. Or was it the ability to use Cortana to do a voice controlled set up? You can choose to use Cortana or not use it.

We fixed an issue where Cortana Reminders was displayed as a possible share target when Cortana wasn't enabled.

In love with Hands-free working?

For example, in 2016, Microsoft started shipping 1607, aka Anniversary Update, on August 2, but waited nine days to restart previews. Launch the Disk Clean-up app, make sure your system drive is selected, and click OK. It is the default configuration. Your voice can not dictate every option. It is a simple process where you can use both voice and keyboard simultaneously.

At the same time, we should not forget that digital voice assistants can prove to be frustrating as well. At present, there is no smart assistant available for desktops or laptops.

Microsoft plans to do more to engage with IT teams in the future, Windows Insider Program chief Dona Sarkar said in a blog post.