Splatoon 2, ARMS-focused Nintendo Direct to take place this week

The broadcast will showcase Arms, the new fighting game that is based on extendable arms that can be used to punch, block, throw, and perform various other martial manoeuvres. It also promotes information on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS, however, the press release sent to App Trigger omits those last two factors.

"I have been thinking about this, and I think my guess for the surprise Nintendo Direct announcement is a Monster Hunter XX localization". Both games are going to help the Switch add more AAA titles other than Zelda. The presentation will air in all three regions, which means we could see a new game or two revealed, as well!

The Nintendo Switch has been available worldwide for a little over a month and Nintendo is shifting its attention to the system's second wave of software.

According to Nintendo: "From the makers of Fibbage, Drawful, and You Don't Know Jack, it's The Jackbox Party Pack 3!" This Direct will focus on ARMS and Splatoon 2 for Nintendo Switch. ARMS hasn't received a release date just yet.

Furthermore, another one of the most anticipated games, Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challenger, recently given May 26 release date for Nintendo Switch.

While the rumors of an April 1 Nintendo Direct didn't pan out for obvious reasons (Who would believe anything that happened on April Fools?), there will be an April 2017 Direct event for fans to look forward to. So, the sooner this bug bounty offers up some results and the sooner Nintendo gets around to patching them, the better.