Google Home could soon support multiple accounts

Since there are more members of the family that use the same device but have different tastes, Google Home will now add support for multiple users. A certain Owen (@ow) on Twitter shared that Google Home "just got multi user support".

Enlarge / The message from the Google Home app.

As reported by Android Police, many Google Home users have found a new card in the Discovery tab of the Google Home app that very clearly says the smart speaker now supports multiple users. Google recently welcomed new third-party vendors to serve as partners for its smart home gadget, and it might be on the verge of pushing Amazon Echo to the side with some new features in Google Home 2.0.

You can create multiple lists, then manage those lists with an option to designate one list as a primary list.

In theory, Google Home would recognise your voice and immediately switch over to your preferred Google account. Nevertheless, Google did confirm that it will soon add multi-user support to Google Home so it should become available shortly. Saying "OK Google" would be enough for the hub to recognize it's you, and finally give you access to your data, music, calendar, emails, and more without worrying about privacy. It can also suggest nearby places that deliver beer and snacks. We'll keep you posted on when the multiple user support arrives on your Home.

Parents should be able to set boundaries for their children. They can even access their own Spotify playlists.

What is your opinion about this update?

Either way, this feature will be important, especially as Google tries to turn Home into a both a shopping and personal assistant.

The rumour mill is pointing to other improvements to Google Home, too.