Police hunt for gun theft suspect with manifesto for Trump

  • Police hunt for gun theft suspect with manifesto for Trump

Police hunt for gun theft suspect with manifesto for Trump

- A manhunt continues in Wisconsin for Joseph Jakubowski, a 32-year-old Janesville man accused of breaking into a gun store, stealing weapons and mailing a 161-page manifesto to President Donald Trump.

A combined force of 150 law enforcement officials spanning local, state, and federal agencies are now on the search for 32-year-old fugitive Joseph Jakubowski. A burned vehicle registered under his name was found nearby. According to authorities, the envelope contained a manifesto of 160 pages featuring anti-government rants and "personal angst against anything other than natural law or rule".

Although no threat was made on a religious group, authorities advised the cancellation of church services as a precaution considering Jakubowski's manifesto expressed "anti-religious views".

On Friday, Rock County, Wisconsin Sheriff Robert Spoden outlined that the fugitive is "angry at all government officials...he has a dislike for anyone that has authority or governmental power". In a cell phone video released by the sheriff's office, the suspect apparently showed off the manifesto before he dropped it in the mail.

"Our local law enforcement personnel have been collaborating closely with all of the federal and state law enforcement agencies to utilize all available investigative tools to locate Jakubowski", Spoden said.

Police said Jakubowski could be seen on surveillance video, appearing to steal the weapons from the shop.

The Rock County Sheriff's Office has assigned deputies to some schools to help make students and parents feel safe.

The "highly agitated" 32-year-old Jakubowski is still at large, and is said by police to be "armed and risky".

Joseph Jakubowski wants revolution, "it's time for change", he said as he posted his rantings to the White House.

"We have reached out to all of the surrounding law enforcement", Knudson said.

Schools are also on the lookout as many of them return to class following spring break. With this much media coverage, police are hoping that his movements will generate opportunities for tracking him down before he can kill anyone, but not that people will get themselves in his way. "As a reminder, the Federal Bureau of Investigation continues to offer a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the apprehension of this unsafe individual", the Sheriff's office added.