Fort Collins police chief

  • Fort Collins police chief

Fort Collins police chief

In a statement to NBC News, Fort Collins police spokeswoman Kate Kimble described Surat's takedown as a "standard arrest technique".

Fort Collins Police Services released a statement saying the arrest came after an altercation involving Surat's boyfriend.

Michaella Surat, 22, was tossed to the ground outside of Bondi Beach Bar in Fort Collins, CO Thursday after allegedly hitting an officer, says a Daily Mail report.

She was told that she was free to go but that her boyfriend was not. The video shows an officer grabbing Surat and appearing to struggle with her for several seconds before grabbing her by the arm and throwing her to the ground. The department will review the officer's use of force. Surat bonded out of Larimer County Jail at $1,750.

The video, which was recorded by a bystander at the scene and shared on the official Twitter page for Barstool Sports and the Twitter and Instagram pages for Barstool Colorado State, has gained thousands of interactions online.

While eyewitness video only captured what happened as officers took Surat to the ground, body camera video from the department should be presented in court.

Police say the short video doesn't tell full story. "This is an open investigation and to release evidence, absent a truly compelling reason, would not be proper".

Surat was charged with third-degree assault and obstruction, Kimble said.

"I have a duty to preserve and protect the processes that our society has put in place to ensure that the questions surrounding this incident are answered in a fair and impartial manner", he said.

A Colorado police officer body slammed a sorority girl during an arrest Thursday, a Snapchat video of the incident shows.