The Walking Dead showrunner teases possible Glenn return

  • The Walking Dead showrunner teases possible Glenn return

The Walking Dead showrunner teases possible Glenn return

What we know about Season 8 of The Walking Dead, as spoiled in The Walking Dead comics and reported by The Hollywood Reporter, is that it will be exclusively dedicated to a specific arc known to TWD fans as "all out war".

Is Steven Yeun making a comeback in "The Walking Dead"?

It is nearly a given that TWD Season 8 will have a release date in October 2017, as October is tradtionally when the show premieres.

The seventh season of the AMC horror thriller was widely criticised for being lacklustre but show Gimple has promised an interesting season 8 and in order to do so, there will be a time jump and fans will get to see what happened to their favourite characters during the time gap featuring flashback scenes. "I'd be silly to say it isn't [possible]", he said, but added that she's not that close to giving birth just yet.

Although there are several details that can be foreshadowed before the Season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead, there is one in particular that might sting a little deeper than many fans might know. She might also dream of Glenn descending on Earth to see her newborn baby.

However, Scott downplayed rumours suggesting Glenn's appearance could come in season eight, saying that Maggie might not even give birth in the upcoming season. A lot of twists happened in the plot but Gimple stressed that "not a lot of time has passed".

"Robert Kirkman; Scott Gimple; our outstanding executive producing team, cast, and crew, as well as the many partners at AMC and around the world who elevate this unique program, all deserve a heartfelt thank you and congratulations".

"We're doing the book, we do all sorts of variations on it, and then we do things that are inspired by it and then we change things up with a remix", Gimple told The Hollywood Reporter.

Glenn died in season 7 premiere episode when Negan smashed his head repeatedly with his wire-wrapped baseball bat Lucille.