Angry Uber Passenger Is Banned After Tantrum

  • Angry Uber Passenger Is Banned After Tantrum

Angry Uber Passenger Is Banned After Tantrum

The rider's account has been banned and Uber is looking into this incident.

In addition to the racial slurs, the woman was also recorded saying, "I will punch myself in the face and tell the cops you did it".

A minute in, the driver tells the passenger to get out.

The complaint [PDF], filed this week in the California Central District US Court, claims the Uber phone app deliberately chooses longer routes to calculate fares, then presents the driver with a shorter route for calculating their payment.

The film shows the woman shouting from the back seat: 'I'm going to start screaming out the window that you're raping me, that you raped me. "Get the fuck out of my country", she yells.

That just sets her off more and she refuses to leave the vehicle unless he calls the cops.

"Donald Trump going to send you and your family back. That you raped me", she said. He adds that the woman is "disrespecting" him and asks what her problem is.

After the woman finally gets out of the auto, the driver refers to her as a "bitch" several times.

Uber has devised a "clever and sophisticated" scheme in which it manipulates navigation data used to determine "upfront" rider fare prices while secretly short-changing the driver, according to a proposed class-action lawsuit against the ride-hailing app. She tells him it's "common courtesy" to have the device on hand and further says it's the first time she comes across an Uber that doesn't have a charger. The company did not refute that it uses psychological incentives, but instead focused its response on a claim in the April 2 article that "faster pickup times for riders require a greater percentage to be idling unpaid".

When that tactic fails she threatens to "violate the car" and "throw her juice everywhere", while the driver continues to maintain his calm throughout it all.