Mel B's Request to Recover Private Footage From Ex Stephen Belafont Denied

  • Mel B's Request to Recover Private Footage From Ex Stephen Belafont Denied

Mel B's Request to Recover Private Footage From Ex Stephen Belafont Denied

Brown obtained a restraining order against Belafonte on Monday after accusing him of brutal beatings and sexual exploitation.

Though Mel C, also known as Melanie Chisholm, was hesitant to discuss her friend's case in an interview with blogger Perez Hilton on Thursday, she explained that she was providing her with emotional support.

Following rumours of her dalliance with the couple - who reportedly shared an open relationship - Hervey said she was "mortified" after it was alleged that Belafonte secretly vidoed his wife having threesomes and threatened to release the recordings.

It's been more than two weeks since pop singer Mel B filed for divorce from husband Stephen Belafonte and he has finally responded to her petition to end their union.

However, after the death of her father last month, the former Spice Girl became close to her family again, which is also when she had an epiphany and chose to separate from her allegedly abusive husband.

Mel B wants the location and password for the unit, but the judge has not made a decision yet.

Mel claims the storage facility is under the name of Lorraine Gilles, the couple's former nanny, who she has claimed Belafonte had an affair with during their marriage.

The former Spice Girl has won a court order banning her ex from selling x-rated videos and pictures of her.

On Wednesday's episode of The Talk, Sharon Osbourne recalled an unfortunate incident in which Brown had been hospitalized when she was supposed to appear on The X Factor U.K.

Earlier this week, Belfonte vehemently" denied the "outrageous and "unfounded" allegations of abuse leveled against him by the former Spice Girl in court papers. Apparently, authorities have ordered Belafonte to stay away from their family home in Los Angeles as well as their three daughters, 18-year-old Phoenix, 10-year-old Angel, and 5-year-old Madison. "And it was reported in all the papers that said "allegedly" she's been beaten by her husband. I'm very good was very polly [sic] but much better now and for the record my hubby never would lay a hand on me sorry took so long but any response fuels rumors".

The makeup artist says Belafonte would withhold money from him unless he followed orders. don't say a word about the injuries. "Once [he] made the threat of releasing videos, it became impossible to say no to him, giving him complete control".