Bezos to burn $1bn a year fuelling tourist trips into space

  • Bezos to burn $1bn a year fuelling tourist trips into space

Bezos to burn $1bn a year fuelling tourist trips into space

Blue Origin had wanted to start dry runs with organization pilots and architects in 2017; however that presumably won't occur until one year from now, Bezos told correspondents at the yearly U.S. Space Symposium in Colorado Springs.

"If we can make access to space low-priced, then entrepreneurs will be unleashed", Bezos said to reporters.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has said that he sells almost $1bn worth of shares annually to finance his rocket company.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said on April 5 he is selling about $1 billion of Amazon stock annually to fund his Blue Origin rocket company.

"My business model right now for Blue Origin is I sell about a billion a year of Amazon stock, and I use it to fund Blue Origin".

Blue Origin plans to take paying customers on an 11-minute trip to the edge of space next year using its reuseable New Shepard vehicle. The company successfully landed the first reusable rocket after going into space in November - a feat it has repeated several times. "I still think we could do commercial paying passengers in 2018", Bezos said.

Blue Origin is developing a second launch system to carry satellites, and eventually people, into orbit, similar to SpaceX's Falcon 9 and Dragon capsule. Bezos said that the company will "put humans on it when we're happy", according to Space News, regardless of any previously stated timelines.

"You will see the same thing in space that I've witnessed on the internet over the last twenty years". With financial backing from Bezos' deep pockets of Amazon stock, Blue Origin is in a good position to get off the ground.

Following the footsteps of Elon Musk, author and CEO of SpaceX, Bezos says that reusability is the way to cutting the cost of space flight. "The engineering approach is a little different, but we're very like-minded", Bezos said about Musk. He said the company's engineers have learned a lot of "little lessons" from the test flights of the New Shepard module in late 2015 and early 2016. Jeff Bezos disclosed that it would cost over $2 billion to build New Glenn, a rocket even bigger than Blue Origin's massive New Shepard rocket. "And believe me that's fun", he said. A 22-inch diameter window on the International Space Station is about 9cm thick, made from layers created to withstand collisions with fast-moving dust particles, maintain air pressure within the capsule and a final layer that improves visibility through the thick window, he said.

Asked how much passengers would pay, Bezos said he did not know yet, but he predicted ticket prices would decline as spaceflight became more common.