Amazon replaces Twitter to live stream NFL

  • Amazon replaces Twitter to live stream NFL

Amazon replaces Twitter to live stream NFL

Amazon will stream the games for the upcoming season, according to ESPN, and only Amazon Prime members will be able to watch. Perhaps one of the reasons why the price to obtain the rights was so much higher this year, was the fact that a bidding war for the games erupted between Amazon, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. The streaming service reached a $50 million, one-year deal with the National Football League to host their games. The e-commerce giant has confirmed the deal, not the financial details, where it stream ten Thursday-night Football games online.

As Bryce Olin of Amazon Adviser brought up, many potential new Prime subscribers already have either cable or satellite services with which they can watch the games at the same time.

Available only to Amazon Prime subscribers, the games will be shown on the streaming service, while simultaneously airing on traditional television; being split evenly between NBC and CBS.

Add to that situation the stipulation that the company paid nearly five times what the previous rights-holder paid the year before.

But an Amazon-NFL partnership is a more logical fit than one with Twitter, and it could portend more dramatic deals in the future. Amazon said that includes tens of millions of people.

The games will still be broadcast on CBS and NBC. Luckily, Thursday night games are rarely must-see events like numerous games scheduled for Sundays and Mondays. There will also, apparently, be ad spaces in there for Amazon to promote their own stuff.

There's a reason the price tag was much higher than a year ago. The company also live streamed the presidential debates, but neither did it attract a large number of viewers nor made it any revenues.

But with Amazon getting the 2017 rights, audience numbers seems to be less important to the NFL. Though seeing as streams are poised to be bundled with Prime, it's safe to assume at the moment that they will play out just like any other content on Amazon Video.