Pinwheel Symbolizes Child Abuse Protection

  • Pinwheel Symbolizes Child Abuse Protection

Pinwheel Symbolizes Child Abuse Protection

It encourages staff members to dress in blue to raise awareness of efforts to prevent child abuse and neglect.

The center started the week off with a pinwheel ceremony Monday, April 3, at the clinical services building by the Jeff Gordon Children's Playground, marking one pinwheel for each child who came through the facility in 2016.

"To create some community awareness, we have planted several different pinwheel gardens throughout the community, we've got 12 locations that you will see all throughout Hattiesburg and some in Columbia", said Ellis.

This disturbing increase has been matched in Missoula, where the number of child abuse and neglect cases filed with the county attorney's office has rocketed from an average of 51 cases each year as recently as 2011, to 173 in 2015 and 191 last year. "As we look at the pinwheel, I want you to look beyond this pinwheel and instead consider what this pinwheel represents to the children of our nation", she said.

Anyone concerned about the well being of child should call the state Division of Family & Children Services at 1-855-GACHILD. Caregivers will learn to understand how the connection between the adults in a child's life and promoting healthy behaviors in a non-shaming way can reduce the child's risk for abuse.

Take a tour of the facility that helps protect area children from child abuse.

The hospital reporting system is a strong example of what the agency refers to as "mandated reporters" - that is, groups of people who are required by law to report suspected instances of child abuse or neglect. Reunification with parents may or may not be what is best for the children.

Criner says they can't talk about the abuse cases that involve children, but that doesn't mean people should forget about the awful things they go through.

Thanks, on behalf of all of us at Project Unity, to The Eagle and all of its readers for making Child Abuse Prevention Month a priority in your hearts.

Yes, we have some awful child abuse statistics in Clatsop County.

It will be a competition between those establishments to see which one can post the most pictures affiliated with their business to Facebook and the CAC's page.

Montana, we are failing these children.

Every parent is at risk of engaging in child abuse, but learning about children's brain development can help them avoid it.

"We're asking everybody to wear blue in honor of child abuse prevention and to bring awareness to the issue", said Shannon Blanchard, director of the CAC. Children are our future.

"In Wicomico County we had 500 incidents of child abuse investigated a year ago".