Adrian Peterson wouldn't make the New England Patriots any scarier

  • Adrian Peterson wouldn't make the New England Patriots any scarier

Adrian Peterson wouldn't make the New England Patriots any scarier

Peterson has never won a Super Bowl in his illustrious playing career and with his National Football League career in the finishing stages, his best chance to get a ring could be with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady in New England. Peterson is likely looking for more than the Patriots want to pay him to begin with, and there's no guarantee he would be interested in the type of role backs have in the Patriots' always-changing offensive scheme.

Peterson's father, Nelson Peterson, said prior to free agency that the Patriots would be an attractive option if they showed interest.

Peterson hasn't been targeted in a season more than 40 times since 2012 when he saw 51 passes thrown his way. Howe is in the camp that believes there's no way the Patriots are signing Peterson.

Blount rushed the ball 299 times and scored 18 touchdowns while catching a grand total of seven passes. The running back also added that he was in "no rush" to sign anywhere.

Peterson, released by the Vikings March 9, has generated lukewarm intrigue so far from clubs wary about the 32-year-old's mileage. However, the Pats have yet to resign Blount, so there is decent speculation that the Pats are using Peterson's visit mostly as a bargaining chip to resign him.

The New England Patriots inked Rex Burkhead earlier in the offseason, but defending Super Bowl champions likely views Adrian Peterson as a better potential replacement for running back LeGarrette Blount, who entered the free agency after the 2016 National Football League season.

Currently, the New England Patriots have Rex Burkhead, Dion Lewis, James white and D.J. Foster as their running backs on their roster. At this stage of his career, he is ring-driven, having not won a Super Bowl in 10 years with the Vikings.

Over the last three seasons, Peterson has played just 20 games, meanwhile, Blount has missed only one game.