Sean Hannity throws tantrum over 'fake edited news' CBS interview

  • Sean Hannity throws tantrum over 'fake edited news' CBS interview

Sean Hannity throws tantrum over 'fake edited news' CBS interview

"You think I'm bad for America", Hannity said. In March 2016, while speaking to Fox News' Bill O'Reilly, Koppel told O'Reilly that he had made reporting on Trump's campaign "irrelevant".

In 2012, Koppel also took MSNBC's liberal host Rachel Maddow to task in a speech at the National Press Club. I can only assume that he's either self-flagellating again, or thinking about how he can incorporate that soundbite into his next show without providing any other context to Koppel's backhanded compliment.

"I am cynical" Koppel responded.

Koppel was unmoved by Hannity's argument that Americans are smart enough to tell the difference between news and opinion shows.

Don't ask a question, Hannity, unless you want the cold hard truth - something you don't spend much time with on Fox News.

"Yeah", Koppel replied. "In the long haul, I think you and all these opinion shows ... you know why?"

As CBS reports, Koppel charged the Fox News host with nurturing America's intolerant political climate where, increasingly, varying perspectives are met with antipathy.

Koppel's story was about the significant political divide now facing the United States, which Koppel believes to be a serious and potentially risky problem.

Hannity defended himself during the interview, saying it is "sad" that Koppel feels that way, adding that the veteran journalist is cynical.

"We are stuck in an ideological rut, and programs like yours, as popular as they are, haven't helped."
Hannity asked, as reported by CBS.

According to USA Today, Hannity claimed he provided many examples of media bias in the cut footage and challenged the network to air the full segment.

"You are selling the American people short."
"I gave a [sic] example after example of why I say "journalism is dead".