1 dead, 5 injured including 2 children in shooting in Central Florida

One adult died. The other adult and the two children were taken to a hospital in critical condition, investigators said. A few hours before the 6am shooting, the suspect and his girlfriend were fighting at a gas station; she said he wouldn't return the keys to her home, while he said she had the keys to his vehicle.

A woman's been killed and five have been injured in a shooting in Florida. Since the officer couldn't find a gun, Cashe was allowed to leave, and the woman gave the officer a bag of Cashe's belongings-including a gun.

She says two innocent bystanders were also shot in another location in Sanford, which is northeast of Orlando.

The gunman then went to a nearby street and shot two bystanders, including a high school student waiting for a bus.

Gillet says a police officer heard the shots at the second location and was able to capture the suspect.

Sanford police said a man who has a "domestic relationship" with an adult in the home opened fire, killing one adult and wounding three others, including a 7-year-old boy and an 8-year-old boy.

The names of the shooting victims haven't been released.