Florida Wildfire Tied to Man Burning Trash

  • Florida Wildfire Tied to Man Burning Trash

Florida Wildfire Tied to Man Burning Trash

The blaze started on Wednesday afternoon after the unidentified man burned books and magazines outside his home near Bryceville, about 20 miles west of Jacksonville, Florida Forest Service spokeswoman Annaleasa Winter told Reuters by telephone. Needless to say, that his impromptu barbecue didn't turn out the way he expected it to be.

Florida Forest Service Public Information Officer Annaleasa Winter tells Global News the wildfire was the largest in Nassau County in nearly 20 years. It's illegal to burn household garbage in Florida. "The fire has not spread".

Winter said that the firefighters were greatly aided by the weather, which stopped the fire from spreading.

As of the morning of Thursday, March 23, the Garfield Road fire was estimated to be 400 acres in size and 65 percent contained, according to the Florida Forest Service.

Up to 200 residents were asked to evacuate their homes and stay at nearby shelters.

Winter declared that the man did not possess any type of permit that would allow him to burn books or other materials in his backyard.

He could also be liable for property damage caused by the fire, officials said.

"There is a risk a wind gust could blow a fire brand out of our containment and take of running again", she said.