Man Detained After Jumping Outer Barrier At White House

  • Man Detained After Jumping Outer Barrier At White House

Man Detained After Jumping Outer Barrier At White House

A man jumped over a bike rack Saturday afternoon, causing the White House to go into lockdown and the security level to be raised as Secret Service assessed the threat.

CNN cites two separate officials who say a man drove a vehicle to the building, saying there was a bomb inside the auto. The man was taken into custody by Secret Service officers before reaching the fence.

The incidents come a week after a man breached the White House grounds - and was on the grounds for more than 15 minutes. The "rack" Spicer referenced is a barrier lower than the spiked fence that marks the north side of the complex. Criminal charges are pending, it said.

The statement continues, "In accordance with proper protocols, Secret Service personnel increased their posture of readiness".

The auto was stopped Saturday around 11:00 p.m. about a quarter-mile from the White House. Trump said at the time that Secret Service did a "fantastic job" apprehending the suspect.

President Trump was inside the White House during the breach, but the intruder, who was identified as 26-year-old Jonathan Tran of California, was not able to enter the building.

The incident occurred just after 11pm U.S. time, but President Donald Trump was not at the White House, he was at his Florida estate.

The man had a document he wanted to give to someone at the White House and wasn't carrying a weapon, CNN reported citing law enforcement.

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There's been another security breech at the White House.