Democrats cede the airwaves in Gorsuch fight

Since Gorsuch's confirmation hearing starts Monday in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee and opponents have found "little to latch onto", according to Politico (which means they've found nothing to spin into accusations of misogyny or racism), Schumer and his allies have launched a ham-fisted effort to paint Gorsuch as a corporate stooge.

The real question is if Judge Neil Gorsuch will discuss, during his March 20 confirmation hearing, whether he will favor the U.S. Constitution's guarantee of free exercise of religion over its guarantee of equal protection of the law.

In addition to his written opinions, the website includes concurrences and dissents he either wrote or joined in on as judge on the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. Moreover, although he is a very conservative jurist, he would be replacing a justice with a similar ideological disposition.

"They don't have any good arguments against Gorsuch, but they're furious that we're going to have a conservative nominated and confirmed".

Among questions he will face will be whether he is sufficiently independent from Trump, who has criticized judges for ruling against his bid to restrict travel from Muslim-majority countries.

Led by Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, the Judiciary Committee's senior Democrat, skeptical lawmakers will nonetheless do their best to shake Gorsuch, who will be present for opening statements Monday and a full day of direct questioning Tuesday.

While C is true for most of us, the universally correct answer is D. You'd be forgiven for not knowing this, though, as Gorsuch has fallen out of the spotlight since the news of his nomination.

Judges, Gorsuch went on to say, should "apply the law as it is, focusing backward, not forward, and looking to text, structure and history to decide what a reasonable reader at the time of the events in question would have understood the law to be".

Among the plaintiffs who spoke out was truck driver Alphonse Maddin, who was sacked after he disobeyed a supervisor and abandoned his trailer at the side of a road after the brakes froze.

"Judge Gorsuch is extremely intelligent and hardworking", Turbiville said.

"I'm going to be asking about his core beliefs on women's healthcare, whether he'd overturn Roe v. Wade", Blumenthal said.

Gorsuch himself clerked for Justice Byron White seven years after White wrote the 1986 decision in Bowers v. Hardwick that held that any right to privacy in the federal constitution did not extend to private sexual relations between same-sex partners.

On the one hand, given how much of a con man Donald Trump is, liberals might be grateful that someone qualified has been nominated.

"I'll tell you this, Judge Gorsuch will be confirmed", he said.

He has divided cases, issues, and plaintiffs into two distinct categories: those who deserve justice from the courts and those who don't.

Bitter feelings linger. "This is a stolen seat being filled by an illegitimate and extreme nominee", said Sen.

Conservative legal activists who support the nomination say that Democrats are cherry-picking a small number of rulings that distort Gorsuch's 11-year record as a judge.

In some ways, the fight over Gorsuch will be just a preview of an even bigger battle to come over the next vacancy. Many Democrats have already said they will not vote to confirm Judge Gorsuch because Republicans never allowed a vote on Judge Merrick Garland, President Barack Obama's choice to replace Justice Scalia.

"'State laws against bigamy, gay marriage, adult incest, prostitution, masturbation, adultery, fornication, bestiality, and obscenity" are all at risk if we take seriously what Justice Scalia derided as Casey's "famed sweet-mystery-of-life passage, '" Gorsuch wrote in his dissertation, quoting Scalia.