Daniel Jacobs On Golovkin Power - What It Felt Like

  • Daniel Jacobs On Golovkin Power - What It Felt Like

Daniel Jacobs On Golovkin Power - What It Felt Like

There was a time when Jacobs could not walk but he never gave up on his identity as a boxer.

Golovkin had found his mark in the fourth round when he nailed Jacobs with a pair of right hands, sending Jacobs to the canvas early in the round.

But by the seventh, Jacobs was back in the fight and began switching from orthodox to southpaw.

In a frustrating contest for the champion, whose highlight was a fourth round knockdown of the challenger, Golovkin was consistently pushed to his limit and was clearly annoyed at not being allowed to get his punches off. Forget about it. Brook started opening up lanes towards Golovkin, but a broken orbital bone and repeated damage stopped the fight in the fifth round.

American boxer Jacobs disputed the result of the fight afterwards.

He wants to show he's the best.

Also at Super Flyweight, contender David Carmona put together a surprisingly strong effort in defeat against Carlos Cuadras, who is considered among the division's best alongside Gonzalez. There have been some criticisms about some of the opponents on his résumé, but it's certainly not anything to do with our side. When you step into a ring with Golovkin, your face is a fragile plate hanging off the edge of a cabinet. Hopefully, Alvarez holds up his end of the bargain in May against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and his promoter Oscar de la Hoya doesn't tuck his head between his legs.

Jacobs could have so easily won this fight and there were many seasoned fight observers who believe he did enough on Saturday night.

For several years now, Gennady Golovkin has earned the reputation of being the sport's most feared puncher. Going into the 11th round, many were speculating that Golovkin needed a finish to win the fight. Most people expected GGG win over Jacobs.

Golovkin, in the first half of the fight, was reduced to looking like a head-hunter desperate for one big shot.

The onus now shifts to Canelo's team and trying to make the match fans have been clamoring for.

Two judges scored it 115-112, with the third making it 114-113 in favor of Golovkin, who retained his WBC, WBA, IBF and IBO middleweight crowns.

Daniel Jacobs full fight video highlights from the Golovkin vs. Jacobs main event above, courtesy of ESPN. "He is very clean, a very good fighter". Each man has fought men in the ring and knocked out plenty, but I don't think Jacobs has tasted power on his chin like the kind Triple G dispenses regularly. I can promise you one thing: the fight will end in a knockout.

"Of course, I'm ready [to fight Canelo]", Golovkin told HBO. "I needed a quality fight, not just the 12 rounds".

Even if some feel like Golovkin didn't actually win vs. Jacobs.

"I think I won the fight", the New Yorker said. "I won it by at least two rounds minimum".